I’m going to become the head of a marketing business and wear a tan long coat with a black turtle neck jumper and black trousers and black leather gloves and make eye contact with no one but look straight forward while frowning and looking powerful


i have this small click when i bend my elbow and it clicks again when i straighten it and i feel like my elbow is a gun and bending it cocks it and if i accidentally discover how to pull the trigger i will die


taking pictures for the summer line :)

coming this weekend (hopefully!) i’ll be posting a final date this week!!!

Having a Tiny little spot just inside your nostril hurts so bad almost as much as the tiny ones JUST touching your lip eeeeeeouch


This is Cat Island. It is located in Tashirojima which is a small island in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, Japan. With a population inhabited by mostly cats. 

Me and miles just tried touching our eyes together but I kept blinking and poking him in the eye

Get it I’m mocking the selfies thing because I’m bitter and have period cramps hohoho….hoo…

I did miles 6 selfies for him

6 selfies 6 seconds (probably took longer than 6 seconds to take them really)